Walk through the bedrock of animal life on earth


For us the sun rises and sets on seeing wildlife in the wild. And it brings us joy to share it with you.

We will be on the lookout for Red Kangaroos, emus, different reptile species like Shingleback Lizards and Bearded Dragons and a variety of birdlife – galahs, parrots, raptors including Wedge-tailed and Little Eagles, Red-rumped and Elegant Parrots, Mulga Parrots, Rufous Whistlers, wrens, babblers and honeyeaters to name but a few! To see a Western Quoll (an endangered marsupial carnivore), which has returned to Arkaba after an absence of almost 120 years has been a thrilling sighting this year! Echidnas, dunnarts, Short-tailed Grass Wrens and Spiny-tailed Skinks are just a few other examples of species in recovery as a result of our ongoing conservation efforts. This is wildlife in its natural environment to be admired and appreciated from a short distance. There’s no feeding or holding the wildlife here.