Wake in a wondrous landscape


“A canopy of stars was spread overhead. The notched fin of the Elder Range cut a dark silhouette against the speckled depths. I watched the sky until i saw a meteor’s cold streak and then fell back to sleep.”

Kevin West

Our 'Wild Bush Luxury' philosophy brings a team of passionate guides and a few key creature comforts to an immersive bush experience.

Your Arkaba Walk is inclusive of two night’s camping in deluxe swags on one of our signature star beds and one night in the 1850s Arkaba Homestead, in a Homestead Guestroom with ensuite. Located in some of the most scenic spots on Arkaba, our walking camps have been built to blend as seamlessly as possible with the surrounding vegetation, while providing you with stunning views from every corner. 

Sleep in pure comfort.

One of five timber swag decks will be your room for the night. Each are slightly elevated with a half metre corrugated iron screen around three sides to give privacy, the fourth side is left open to the views over the countryside, while above you is the night sky and a canopy of stars. Each deck has been fitted with a sheltered area towards the back, where your swag beds will be placed in the event of wind or rain. Your bed itself is a ‘swag’ – the bedding of choice for generations of Australian pioneers, a canvas envelope that is comfortable and waterproof, protecting you from the elements. Inside each swag will be an all seasons sleeping bag with liner.

Shower with a view.

You will enjoy ‘bush showers’ – essentially buckets that our camp assistants will fill by hand with water warmed over the fire, ready as you walk into camp, and equipped with taps to regulate the flow. Some special Wild Bush Luxury touches ensure these showers will be a feature of your trip. In tune with our sustainability principles, each camp has two waterless composting toilets strategically located to enjoy the best of the views, whilst remaining discreet.