Join us on a restorative nature break with purpose


“We transitioned with the land, relearning how to feel humble amid the ancient ranges dwarfing us. Hiking in sync along a section of the Heysen Trail, we heard only the crunch of our boots and the call of corellas warbling on the breeze.”

Marie Barbieri

We understand, a walking holiday takes more planning than flying the coop on your flock and drop getaway.

The immersion you’ll have with this landscape is well worth the effort of every step. We’re sure you’ll find a slew of your own things to love about your Wild Bush Luxury experience on the Arkaba Walk. Here are just a few reasons why we adore it so much! Contact us for more, we could rabbit on until the Owlet Nightjars come out to chir chir chir!

1. The Arkaba Walk is where ancient Australian landscapes and culture combine. Its story, scale and identity in recent history have captured and formed the backdrop to the footsteps belonging to the likes of Stuart, Mawson and Heysen.

2. The only way to truly appreciate the subtleties of the bush is to get out on foot with someone who knows and loves its variety and the infinity of learning that comes with it. There is great fulfilment in travelling from one place to another under the steam of your own two feet.

3. You get that sense of true age in the landscape when exploring the Flinders Ranges and Arkaba.

4. Standing there in the free-standing open shower, beer in hand, watching the sunset sink behind the walls of Wilpena Pound.

5. Cleanliness, solitude, immersion and escape from the rigours of the modern world.

6. The amount of space with nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. The best part about all this space is that it’s all for you, letting you stretch out and breathe deeply in a truly exclusive place!

7. Learning about conservation projects being done and how we plan to look after Arkaba in The Long Run

8. Hours of endless flat landscapes on the drive from Adelaide before all of a sudden the earth buckles, and the Flinders rise up from the outback!

9. There’s something magical about sleeping under stars bright enough to guide you from the dinner table to your swag deck!

10. We provide you with a hydration daypack and take your main luggage between Wilderness Camps, leaving you treading lightly on the earth while taking weight off your back.